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Machined Part Ordering


Step 4

We will e-mail back confirming we are starting the project.

Step 1
E-mail us the following at:

Complete shop drawings of your parts

Drawings should be ready to make a part from

No missing dimensions, notes or Tolerances

2D multi view drawings preferred

Formats: PDF, DXF-2D, Inventor

We need to print a hard copy shop drawing on our end with all the information on it, in the least amount of time. Any CAD/engineering time spent by us getting the drawing to a usable form may be charged to the project at $90.00/hr.

Missing information or changes after the first set of drawings is received will account for more time on our part, which may increase the cost.

List the exact quantities of each part to make. This is very important, you don't want to pay for 10 when you only wanted one.

List the material for each part and whether we are supplying or you are supplying.

List your complete name and ship to address along with your phone number.

Tell us how you want it shipped, regular ground, 2 day, or next day. We ship UPS only.

Let us know what day you need it shipped by. Jobs can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on complexity and material availability. Heat treating a part will add a week to 10 days.
Step 2
We will e-mail you back and let you know

If we need more information.

If we can make your ship date, if not we will offer a new ship date.
Step 3
E-mail us

Let us know to start with the project
Step 5
When the project is finished

We will e-mail you the total cost which includes: Labor @ $90/hr, Materials (if we supplied), Shipping, and PayPal fees 2.9%

We may e-mail a picture of the project
Step 6

We require a payment BEFORE shipping via one or two methods

Paypal to our account:

Check or MO made out to Team Whyachi Robotics and sent to: Team Whyachi Robotics 660 E 1st Ave., PO Box 79 Dorchester, WI 54425
Note: When paying by check or MO, the total cost will be 2.9% less, but may delay shipping.
Step 7

We will ship out within 1 business day of receiving full payment